Helicopter Crash Near FUTY - Confirmed By DHQ


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Helicopter Crash Near FUTY - Confirmed By DHQ
Posted on: November 14, 2014, 05:44:30 PM
Tension Has Gripped Us As Helicopter Crash In Our Sight

As rumour of boko haram encroachment towards us went viral, this night helicopters on mission to the troubled area, (confirming the rumours going round) as we came out because the chopper was hovering and making a lot of noise, in our very own eyes one of the chopper exploded very far distance from us, I can't tell what went wrong. As I type this, a search helicopter came around hovering around the crash sight. We are all standing with our bags ready for any eventuality. We can't run to town because of the curfew. We need your prayers as the tension now is overwhelming. The encroachment was towards Gombi in Adamawa state.

Update: The crash site have been located, my friends led the military personel on search and rescue to locate the site. It happened very far in the bush. As I type this, I'm together with a friend that was part of those that led the Air Force men around 1AM this morning. He told me the helicopter was carrying explodives, after the crash the explosive were just exploding, some of the explosive did not explode. They saw pieces of flesh of the personel on board the chopper, we don't think anybody survived. RIP to the departed. Pics will start surfacing online very soon, I'll post one later.

“At about 2200hours yesterday 13 November 2014, a ground attack helicopter on an armed patrol crashed around the Federal University of Technology Yola, Adamawa State.”

“The crew of 3 was lost in the ill-fated accident. Rescue party worked throughout the night to preserve the wreckage of the aircraft and scene of the accident for proper investigation to be carried out. Further details would be made known later.”

Source: http://pulse.ng/news/update-3-confirmed-dead-in-yola-helicopter-crash-id3273098.html

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