How to Download and use WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 200, 205 Phones


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How to Download and use WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 200, 205 Phones
Posted on: November 15, 2014, 04:53:55 AM
Whatsapp is one of the best pinging apps that most of us use to communicate with our friends and family but obviously Nokia Asha 200 and 205 model is not supported to enjoy whatsapp but there are other ways to make it work which is the reason why we are here, to see and learn How To Download/Install WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 200 205 Phones

Some people mistakenly bought this phones but felt disappointed once they noticed that the Nokia Asha 200, or 205 is not supported but thank God that nothing is impossible because you can still download and use whatsapp on your Nokia Asha 200 and 205.

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This tutorial will teach you how to download and install whatsapp mobile pinging application on your unsupported Nokia Asha 200 and 205 without any problem.

Requirements To Installing Whatsapp on Nokia Asha and s40 Unsupported Devices:

Below is the things you need to put in place before downloading and installing whatsapp on your unsupported mobile phone.

1.    Make sure the unsupported mobile phone you are about to run the Whatsapp chat application on, has a free memory of at least 4MB.
    A mobile phone that supports Whatsapp installation other than your Nokia Asha 200 or 205 phone where you would love to install the application.

Downloading Whatsapp for Asha 200

    Remove the memory card in your Nokia Asha phone and insert it into any s40 Nokia phone where Whatsapp is supported.
    Visit Whatsapp s40 page and download the app into the phone.
    Copy the downloaded app into your memory card, and then remove your memory card from the phone.
    Insert the memory card back into your Nokia Asha 200 or Asha 205 device.
    You can now launch this app and watch it run successfully on your Nokia phone.

If in an way the above method failed to work for you then you can try the second method below to make it work, though this method is similar to the one above, you need to follow the first step and continue where necessary.

 This time after you insert the memory card back to your asha phone, do not launch the app.

After you locate the app on your Nokia Asha 200, (i.e when you insert the memory card back to your phone). Click on your options key and select “Update Version”.

After the update must have been successful, all you need to do is enter your login details and enjoy whatsapp on your Nokia Asha 200 or 205.

The above metthod works perfeclly fine and i hope it works for you too all you need to do is to make sure you followed the above precedures correctly and am sure once that you are already enjoying whatsapp right now, welcome to the family and try to upgrade to more smarter mobile phones.

You can read more Why you need to upgrade to smart mobile phone and you will understand why you need to upgrade to smartphones if you have the money but for the main time enjoy the whatsapp on you Nokia Asha 200 and 205 no shaking.