Your character and your life


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Your character and your life
Posted on: November 18, 2014, 02:18:20 AM
Just like your name distinguishes you from many, so also your character. it is impossible to say you know a person well, without knowing his character, it is like a trade mark and it speaks more about you than any other thing. your character tells people about you, it shows them what you don't say by words and goes a long way to tell others what you are likely to become in future. yes! we notice situation where an elder can easily predict a person's future based on his character and most times are proved right. In fact, before wealth and success a good character should come first, it is not enough that you are rich and successful you should have a good character to back it up. Like Tryon Edwards said 'thoughts lead to purpose; purpose go for in actions; actions form habits; habits decide character and character fixes our destiny.

whether you like it or not the way you act hugely affects your destiny, what you will be. many don't care much about there behaviour or how they treat people, all they want is to be successful, Listen, being successful is not the issue, because many are successful but unhappy, many success don't last, many people fall from grace to grass and cant grow any further than inches above the ground, i tell you it is the success that is worthwhile that counts and like J.L Mason rightly said 'character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success'. You are you, so you just cant get above who you are, just like you cant go beyond the limitations of your own character. have a character that will speak good of you even in your absence. Money matters, but good character should matter most, because money comes and go,people come and go, even riches can disappear, but a good character can be remembered even when you are gone.

Live an exemplary life that many will like to emulate, have a character that people will always speak good about. yes you don't live your life to please people but live it to influence people positively. You may think you have your live to live, which is rightly so, but how you live affects people, your character is yours to determine but it can actually contributes to another person's character, it is your to decide but also yours to share with the world, look at it as your contribution to humanity and your connection to another human. LIVE RIGHT and KEEP RIGHT!

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