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Posted on: November 20, 2014, 11:39:53 AM
Success mean different things to different
people and people have different ways of
being successful, but the fact remains,
success is reachable, achievable and can
very much be unstoppable. It is your choice
to make decisions on how successful you want to be. If you want to make money and
relax, i tell you that your money will be
exhausted sooner than expected and you
will be back to square one!
Success is not a win-stop situation, it is a
continuous process, just like you need food and water to constantly survive, so also do
you need new ideas and constant huzzling
to maintain your success. If you think you
have had enough, is it then, a crime to work
for the sake of your generations to come? it
is not being selfish, but thinking ahead, to leave not just good name and good
memories but also security and hope for
your children and family. J.Mason rightly said 'successful people
understand that there is greater opportunity
right on the other side of a victory'. SUCCESS CAN DISAPPEAR FASTER THAN IT
IS ACTUALLY ACHIEVED, it is not an easy task to be successful, but more work lies on
maintaining and improving on your success,
so don't cash in, but cast into deeper
water' (Robert schuller) because one of the
great prizes of victory is the opportunity to
do more, keep the forward momentum. IF SUCCESS IS WORTH HAVING, IT IS WORTH

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