What is happening in Nigeria and why are you blaming Jonathan


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What is happening in Nigeria and why are you blaming Jonathan
Posted on: November 21, 2014, 11:17:52 PM
Am not writing this to favour Mr President (Goodluck Jonathan) neither am I writing to favour your own opinion but rather am here to tell you and explain things the way I see it.
Let me start once again with the following question: What is happening in Nigeria and why are you blaming Jonathan?

I visit many Nigerian forums and I noticed that there is always a war between PDP and APC, Jonathan Lovers and Haters.
Well I will say that no matter how good you are in this live, you will never be friend to everybody but the main question here is, are we being sincere to our selves or are we just deceiving ourselves?
First let me tell you why you shouldn’t blame Goodluck Jonathan (Mr President) based on my own point of view, so don’t misunderstand me; it’s just my own thought.

First I remembered how long Obasanjo stayed in the seat as a Nigerian President, he did both good and bad just like every other president because they will never please everybody but my question hear is; why is it that there was no Boko-Haram?
During the time of the late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua why are we not fighting boko haram then?
If you can really answer this questions above please kindly use our reply option to tell me things that I don’t know if not I will tell you that BOKO HARAM Started because some people or region which I will not mention believes that power has entered the wrong hand which will affect them negatively and i tell you once again that these people are fighting for their own selfish interest not for the progress of Nigeria.

Those who sponsor book haram want you to say that Goodluck is a fool or powerless and cannot protect Nigeria so that they can have their way back.
When you call your president names you are just saying Amen to evil men’s plan which will affect me and you at the long run.
If you can prove to me that some oga at the top is not the one sponsoring and clearing ways for boko haram, how can some group of people kidnap 200+ girls without being seen or traced?

As far as am concern Boko Haram exist because Goodluck Jonathan exist as a President, if possible let Goodluck step down for somebody from Northern part of Nigeria and you will see within a month you will not hear anything related to BOKO talk more of HARAM.
Have you seen in a situation where somebody kills his neighbor without anybody knowing and when it comes to crying, he cries more than everybody knowing full well that he is the one that killed the person, is an example to what I am saying concerning Nigerian and Boko haram, they don’t care if people are dieing or not as long as they achieve their heart desires.
I know you question should be what has Goodluck done to Nigeria that made him worthy to be a Nigerian President but don’t worry I have an answer to that.
Do you know how many millions and billions of naira and dollars being spent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis just to fight boko haram which you and I know that boko haram also has more sponsors that sponsor them to keep the fire burning as long as Goodluck Jonathan remains the Nigerian President?

Do you also know how much being spent to console the families of those soldiers/individuals killed by Boko Haram, my fellow citizens of this country let us be wise and say the truth, those millions and billions federal government spent is the money that where suppose to be used to provided all the things you think that we are lacking in Nigeria.

When it comes to the current fight between the two political parties PDP and APC, I don’t really pay attention to that particular fight because in due time APC will show us if they got what it takes to overtake PDP, if not PDP will show them that they are still PDP and whoever wins is not a problem to me, am only interested for the progress of my country and weather PDP or APC does not grantee such.
Try not to think that the president can’t protect you because is those sitting with him on top that is killing you and will as well not sport him to kill those that are helping them to achieve their aim, all his administration is filled with war against highly sponsored boko haram and he can put things to normal with your support.

Let work together to give Nigeria a new look and a new name and stop blaming our president for the sins others committed.
I personally don’t blame or condemn anybody but I normally wait for my turn to show that person why I am better than him rather than fighting your own leader.
All I said is just my own opinion and am sure you have you own point of view which might not match with my own but it doesn’t matter as long as we stand in truth we shall all be free.
One love to Nigeria!
One Love to Africa!
One love to the entire world!


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