Mistake webmasters make about BBM and WHATSAPP


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Mistake webmasters make about BBM and WHATSAPP
Posted on: November 23, 2014, 05:56:08 PM
I have been wondering why most of Nigerian webmasters would like to redirect their visitor to BBM Channels and Whatsapp Groups, we will take a look at the benefit and disadvantages.

I might be wrong about this but before you conclude read on to see my own reasons and feel free to correct me by sharing your own opinion using our comment box.

Now let look at the advantages and why Bloggers always create BBM Channel and Whatsapp group.
To create and build active group of people that they can reach anytime through BBM Channel and Whatsapp group for marketing purposes, also where their followers can freely ask questions and get answers quick and more.

They can market any product through BBM channel and Whatsapp groups which might add extra cash to their pocket and more but there are few disadvantages i have seen that made me not to pay attention to such idea.

It might decrease your website hits and conversations because most of the conversation that should be shared on your website is been shared on your BBM channel and Whatsapp group Forgetting that search engines likes any website with good conversion rate, if you doubt me i will tell you that if your followers can ask all their questions and answers they normally ask on those BBM and Whatsapp group you search engine ranking will increase overnight.

I use my whatsapp friends as an example, they always ask lots of questions that they hardly ask on my website because they will always find it more convenient to communicate through whatsapp and BBM than my website but the only way to force them is when you don't have those BBM and Whatsapp group and channels so that they will not have any option than to communicate through your website.

Nairaland is one of the best today simply because of the conversation even when they bring low quality and meaningless article to the front page people will still comment on it, that is why 80% of their traffic comes from Google because Google don't joke with website conversations, that is the only way to prove that you are talking to human.

If i may ask why move your website conversation to BBM Channels and Whatsapp groups which will never help your ranking even though that you can still do your marketing through them.
What i said is just my own opinion and if you think that am wrong kindly correct me, after all we are still learning from each other, even some Indian bloggers stick with email marketing which can send you a message and at the same time give you a link to visit their website for more info.

Above all you can still maintain your website visitors by including your link when ever you have something new that you need them to checkout instead of sharing it.

Left for me i will stick to Google feed burner which will always help you build wonderful returning visitors that will always visit your website and possible increase your website conversations which is what matters.

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