That He's God Fearing Isn't Enough Reason To Marry Him.


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That He's God Fearing Isn't Enough Reason To Marry Him.
Posted on: November 24, 2014, 09:25:50 PM
Marriage is a very crucial matter. To a large extend, it may determine the degree of our success in life. Exactly the reason why we should pay adequate attention tto it.

This thread is actually directed to the women folks though it also applies to the men.

If you ask a lady the number one attribute she wishes her husband to have, you will almost certainly hear HE MUST HAVE THE FEAR OF GOD or HE MUST BE GOD FEARING. It's the same with most women. To most of these women, everybody who shows some dedication to Church has the fear of God. This isn't the case.

A colleague of mine just separated from her husband of three years. I mean, they're divorced. We met a few weeks ago and got talking. Her wedding ring was conspicuously missing from.her ring finger, hence my curiosity.

She claimed she divorced him because he made an attempt to use her for some money rituals.

When I ask how they started, her reply startled me. She said she married him because he had the fear of God ( at least so she thought), and because they worship in the same church. Wrong reasons. Religious reasons. She's planning to start all over again.

It's insufficient to marry a man solely because he's a pastor or because he has the fear of God. Or because you both worship in the same Church. Marriage na serious matter ooo!!!!

Ensure your man has similar values and paradigms. Marry someone you're compatible with. Things happen. Ugly things do happen. Take your time. Do your dispassionate homework. Make your decision with a clear head. Don't allow anyone give you the religious gimmicks. Do not allow your emotions to be cloud your reasoning. Emotions are feelings; they are fleeting. Feelings can't be trusted.

To all those ladies believing God for a husband, I wish you the best. I pray You meet the person that will cherish, appreciate, and relish you forever.

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Re: That He's God Fearing Isn't Enough Reason To Marry Him.
#1 Posted on: November 25, 2014, 10:45:28 PM
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