10 Questions and Answers about Relationships and Love.


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10 Questions and Answers about Relationships and Love.
Posted on: December 09, 2014, 08:03:48 AM
Love is one of the best thing that can happen to every Man or Woman's life and can be sweeter when its involves to compatible adults or bitter when two incompatible adults meets but there are lots of things we need to know and that is why i decided to provide you 10 Questions and Answers  about Relationships and Love, to hekp you know about your love life.

10 Questions and Answers  about Relationships and Love.
Without wasting much of our time let us look at the various questions and answers people ask about love and relationship and i believe it will be helpful to but of us.

1. Can i love or beloved?
Why not you can find your missing partner no matter your life style, how you look or where you come from you can really find your missing born and at the same time as God works in mysterious ways your partner can still find you wherever you are once God destined it to be so.

2. Who should i chose to date and how to know my missing partner?
Well i will say that every Man or Woman should have a picture of what he/she wants in mind and will not hesitate to know when  he sees what he has been looking for, but on the other hand you need a prayer and God's help so that you don't make a right choice.

3. Can i get a beautiful girl while am not rich?
Yes you can have the most beautiful and educated woman on earth irrespective of your financial status, i don't know if you believe me on this or not but that is the truth, its all depends by luck after all both beautiful and ugly is for me and you and what you call your woman is what she will be, Call her beautiful she will be beautiful but when you see her as an ugly woman she will be ugly.

4 Can a beautiful wife grantee a beautiful home?
No having a beautiful woman has nothing to do with how a family should be in the future as they say a woman's character is her beauty, that is to say if a woman has a good character it means that shes beautiful and when she has a bad character it means that she is ugly not minding how beautiful her face may look, though some men will still prefer beautiful on the face but ugly in the heart.

5. Is it good to be in a relationship?
Yes is God once you are of age and feel ready beside every adults remains incomplete without his or her missing born and there is nothing wrong to have someone who always looks at your face to know when you are happy or sad, someone who will always want to know your problem and possible solve or suggest a way out and someone who will always make you complete and never feel alone in anything you do.

6. Does Age matter in a relationship?
It doesn't matter once you are sure of what you are doing but i don't suggest you marry someone older enough to be your father or mother all in the name of love because am sure that when your partner grows older you might be looking for younger girls or boys to refresh yourself, is that what you really want, all i meant when i say it doesn't matter is that a slit age different doesn't matter, though am sure that when it comes to women's side age don't matter at all, they can marry any man without checking his age.

7. How will i be sure that he means it when he say I LOVE YOU?
I love you is one of the over used words in a relationship but most often said when we want to get something not actually to express our feelings and happiness, some will say i love you just to make you say i love you too with your body or other things while some truly use it to express their love and feelings but who knows who is who, be careful and don't be deceived with the word i love you

8. How do i know if He will marry me after dating?
There is no grantee that a man will marry you after dating you but there are other way to fix things up when it comes to marrying you after dating or not.
From the beginning of the relationship you and your love should reach an agreement and a man should specify if he wants marriage or a relationship with benefits as they say and you should know whether you are ready for relationship with benefits or for marriage but trust me sometime how can you just marry someone you don't know, you should date for a while and if you are smart don't be carried away use you brain to findout the kind of person you are dealing with, never use your body during trial period (ZIPUP) while we checkout who he is.

9. Should i have sex with my love before marriage?
I you are strong enough to keep to the God's word the answer is NO but trust me is hard these days to tell two adults not to get to know each other sexually but pr-marital sex is not recommended but if you have to play play save.

10. When should i Get married?
You can get married anytime you feel ready but trust me is not about being ready, there is advantage and disadvantages when it comes to marring on time or late, for instance:
When you marry on time you have every opportunity to grow with your children and stay alive to see your grand children i and will as well enjoy their wealth if you trained them well that is if God say so but the chance of staying alive and healthy to watch your children and grand children is so little when you marry too late, so i recommend you marry on time if you have with it takes.

Feel free to other more to the list because there people out there who needs your advices in their love life, let us help them.


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