How to change 2go username password and phone Number etc


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How to change 2go username password and phone Number etc
Posted on: December 14, 2014, 06:53:21 AM
Do you need to change your 2go Username, Password,Registered phone number etc but the truth about change 2go username is that 2go don't allow some countries to be able to change their 2go Username password and phone number and it's unfortunate that Nigeria is among the country that is deprived the opportunity to change and edit their full 2go profile such as USERNAME, PASSWORD and PHONE NUMBER but there are other things you can change. such as age and gender etc.

To change age and gender kindly send Update to 32120 and you will be able to change your age and gender.

How to change 2go username, password and phone Number  is one of the most asked question on the internet about 2go but the truth is that as a Nigerian there is no such privilege to change your Username, Password and phone number.

Though Nigerian's cannot change their 2go usernames and password but some countries can still change their 2go password and username such as South Africans.

If you are from South Africa you can update your profile as you wish all you need to do is to visit or select South Africa as your country and you will see all the option to edit and update your 2go profile username, Password and phone number etc.