How To Unblock Unlock Phone Sim Card When Pin Lost Without PUK Number

Tare Tessy okubama

  • Guest
Pls help mi to unblock my sim card ,dis is d number ,08102571355,plssssss

Faith Samuel

  • Guest
My sim is blocked and I don't have my mtn sim pack

Saheed Akinwumi

  • Guest
Hello good evening i my sim card is block requesting for puk number my phone number is 08100498859

Irhue omorose

  • Guest
my glo sim blocked please help me and also I lost my sim card

Mohammed anifat

  • Guest
Pls help me unblock my glo number 08077410473

Aina Elijah

  • Guest
Please help me with my puk number
My phone number is 08169443820

Ireti margret

  • Guest
Pls I want to unblock my sim card mtn


  • Guest
Please my sim is blocked, can u help me to fix it?

jude awoeyo

  • Guest
Pls help me unblock my sim

Mary Asuqwo

  • Guest
Please my sim Iso luck and they are asking for puk number please can you please

Destiny oreke

  • Guest
Pls this Sim to be open 08140469302

Chigozie eze

  • Guest
Help me unlock my sim num 08106605573

Ahani Alex

  • Guest
Please i want to Get my puk number please my Sim card is lock.



  • Guest
Pls help me unblock my line 08116628949


  • Guest
Pls help me to unblock my Airtel no 08084975343


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