New MTN Hourly Internet Data Subscription Plan Codes


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New MTN Hourly Internet Data Subscription Plan Codes
Posted on: December 16, 2014, 09:59:17 PM
Y'ello! Introducing MTN Simple Surf, Hourly Internet Plans for your Laptop & PC, Choose From 2hrs, 20hrs, 100hrs or 300hrs Bundle. The New Internet Plan from MTN (Just Like a Cafe Timing System).

This is a Great Move and a Good Strategy to beat off other Networks, This is a very Suitable Bundle for those that Download Much Online as they can now Download without the Fear of exhausting their Data Bundle or MB, Now you only have to be Time Conscious. Cheers!!!

Checkout the Bundle Plan, Validity Period, Price, Keywork.

Bundle Plan (Time)    Validity Period    Price    Keyword

? 2 Hours   2 Days  N250   2H

? 20 Hours  7 Days  N1,500    20H

? 100 Hours  30 Days  N5,000     100H

? 300 Hours   90 Days    N13,000    300H

To Subscribe to your Preferred Bundle Plan, Load in the Required Amount, Then Text the Keyword to 131 e.g Text 20H to for 20 Hours Data Bundle

NOTE:- From Observation, This New Plan is not Suitable for Mobile Users because you won't enjoy Unlimited Downloads on Mobile within the Bundle Time Frame. The Best for PC Users.