Do you want to be a leader or successful in life


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Do you want to be a leader or successful in life
Posted on: December 16, 2014, 11:43:14 PM
The only thing that makes most dreams not actualized is the fear of taking risk. there is no way you can be successful by being cautious all your life. nothing in life is risk free, in fact the bigger your goals, the bigger the risk, nothing good ever comes easy. like John Mason said "if you want to be successful, you must either have a chance or take one", there is no opportunity that can be fully utilized without taking the risk involved, simply put, you cant be successful at what you do or intend doing by playing it safe.

Safety, as Herbert Casson said "has never been the motto of leaders" you want to be a leader or successful at what ever you do in life, you should stop existing and start living truly, by taking those risk you are always afraid of taking, "everybody dies, but not everyone has truly lived" J. Mason.

taking risk, no doubt is scary, the fear alone overshadows every other thought you might have, but to overcome the fear, you should always look beyond the risk involve to the result you hope to achieve, that is where your aim should be.

The risk will always be there,nobody can take the risk for you while you reap the fruit, so make up your mind now and face that danger. Refuse to join the cautious crowd that plays not to lose, but rather play to win. you should not dwell on your failures, there is no success story that doesn't record failures along the way, that should not deter you or stop you from taking risk. that you failed never meant you cant succeed, only means you have another opportunity to try again and do better.

So long as you want to truly live and be successful, you want to be happy and contended, you cant run away from risk, lets face it, your waking up every morning is a risk, you go to bed each day not knowing whether you will be up the next day,. nothing in life is accurately planned, YES! just like everything in life have both the positive and negative said.

There is no 100% guarantee that everything planned for will go according to plane! why do you think people always have a back up plan? RISK! they are like the food for your ambition or goals, J. mason said it all "if you don't risk anything, you risk even more". Don't sit and wait for things to work out rather work it out yourself, if you want your head to be above the water, stick your neck out! there is no other way!

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