Mytv Frequencies And Symbol Rates (Updated)

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Mytv Frequencies And Symbol Rates (Updated)
Posted on: December 20, 2014, 09:18:21 AM
Mytv is one of the satellite television broadcasting services provided to serve subscribers in South Africa, Nigeria, and other African countries. MyTV offers series of channels that provide the best of news entertainment, sports, and documentaries to their subscribers.

I can remember a few years ago when MyTv was only second to DStv and they were undoubtedly one of the best back then in 2010 but the introduction of digital cable Tv providers like GOtv, Startimes, Metro digital, and CTL/TREND TV affected their dominance into the market. Though, CTL/Trend Tv was there and doing great along with MyTv in 2010

I can still remember a mover series titled my promise which I watched through Mytv programs. However, despite the presence of other Cable Tv providers most Nigerians still prefer MyTv over other cable TV providers because they have become even stronger and better. The only thing that can make you not like MyTv is when you have not used them before or have gotten used to their programs.

MyTv tracking Frequencies And Symbol Rates (2021 updated)

I first published about myTV Frequencies and Symbol Rates back in 2014 but a lot has changed from new receivers/Decoder to new Frequencies and Symbol Rates. The Frequencies And Symbol Rate used to track MyTv in 2014 can no longer be used to track it anymore because they have changed it.

So if you are planning to track MYtv but don't have the current Frequencies and Symbol Rate, then you did well to come to this page because you will not only get the tracking details but will as well learn how to track the satellite by following my guide below.

My TV provides pay television content/channels, across Sub-Saharan Africa, through the following satellite tracking details:

=> Satellite: Belintersat 1
=> Orbital Position: 51.5° East
=>LNB: Universal

=> Transponder Frequency: 11,050MHz
=> Polarization: Horizontal
=> Symbol Rate: 30.000 Ms/s
=> Modulation: 8 PSK
=> Compression: H.264

How to install MyTv Using Digital Satellite TV Tracker

If you are just a regular user of MyTv without an installation experience then you might need an installer t help you with the installation but if you want to do it on your own or a new installer who don't know much about MyTv then follow these steps below:

1. Peel the coaxial wire and connect both ends to the connectors.

2. Make sure the coaxial cable's inner single copper wire does not come into touch with the coaxial cable's outermost tiny wires.

3. Link one end of the coaxial cable connector to the LNB on the dish and the other end to the LNB IN port on the Digital tracker.

4. In the digital tracker, enter the frequency: 11.050 and the other necessary information as mentioned above.

5. Follow the directions to get to the location after setting the digital tracker to Position: 51.5° east.

6. The automated tracker will notify you of signal reception as soon as you point the Dish LNB in the correct direction.

7. Fix the dish hanger/pole to the signal reception area; make sure it's secure and won't move due to disturbance weather conditions like a wave or storm.

8. To allow the dish to rotate and travel freely, loosely secure it to the hanger/pole with nuts and bolts and follow the signal as you did in steps 2 and 3.

9. When the signal is received, keep a close eye on the dish and hold it securely to avoid losing the signal. To stop bad weather interference when watching the channels, make sure the dish nuts and bolts are securely tightened.

10. Disconnect the digital tracker's LNB coaxial cable and run the wire to your living room or wherever you want to keep the decoder.

How To Subscribe To My TV

My TV is available in Nigeria as a subscription-free bundle of encrypted channels that can be accessed for an NGN 3,500 Annual Content Delivery Contribution.

It currently provides the following services:

- Nigerian channels: - International News - Music - Entertainment - Information

It's as simple as A, B, C to become a subscriber.

A. Contact a My TV sanctioned dealer near you.

B, Once your system is up and running, point the dish at BelIntersat 1 (51.5° East), turn on the receiver, make sure it's tuned to a My TV channel, and a picture should appear within minutes; C

C. Ensure that your equipment is registered online at

Thanks for your time, If you are still facing any issue about the Mytv Frequencies and Symbol Rate, you can use the comment option below to share your own opinion.

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