All the Frequencies And Symbol Rates For Mytv Africa


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All the Frequencies And Symbol Rates For Mytv Africa
Posted on: December 20, 2014, 08:18:21 AM
Mytv is one of the satellite television broadcasting service provided to serve subscribers in South Africa, Nigeria and other African countries. Mytv offers series of channels which service its suscribers.

Mytv is categorised to the Intelsat group. Mytv satellite provides many channels both subscribing channels and free channels. On Mytv there are christian channels good for christian home, movie channels, music channels, news channels etc. There several frequencies and symbol rates for installing Mytv satellite service which were been listed on the table below;

Mytv Frequecies & Symbol rates

   Symbol rates
12722    26657    H
12722    26657    V
12562    26657    H
12522    26657    H
12575    03378    V
12640    30000    V
12682    26657    H
12605    26600    H
12522    26657    V

Here is the new Multiv Ghana Frequency and Symbol rate as follows

12.525 V 30.000
11.595 V 30.000