People You Will Meet When Moving To "Face Me I Face You


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People You Will Meet When Moving To "Face Me I Face You
Posted on: December 20, 2014, 08:31:19 PM
oh! you just paid your landlord(did i hear somebody greet u congratulations?) and you will be moving in soon. well be prepared to meet these kind of people............

** THE AMEBOS---> hmmm "soboleyoke" highservice" sekeshaajo" tatanfo" you will definetely meet this kind of ppl in a "face me i face u" they will alws want to know all what is happening in the compound either good or bad and they will alws be the one to spread false n tru rumours.

**THE WATCHER----> if i say watcher i dont mean security o, these kind of ppl will alws like to monitor your movement they will be the first to know weda u drank garri at night because dey will alws know its long u cooked. you go dey hear "bros na canteen u dey eat dis days?" .
YOU== bros abeg do quick na
ur co-tenant== wetin na? no be now i enter. (and he has been in the toilet since morning)

**THE RICH TENANT---->this kind of people, you will not know the reason why they cant go and take a flat because they are rich and have car even while the landlord dont have okada. he will alws be the one to charge the whole compound phone when light is off and there generator will work overnight and u will be like pls God let this man fuel finish or make nepa bring light because the noice is just too much and your room is next to his room.

**THE PRETENDERS----> these group of ppl you will never know there way because dey pretend to be rich while dey are not, you will see them dress up in the money like somebody going to the office but na carpenter my guy man dey do. they will want to impress there co tenant that dey are not in the same class but just ask them "why are u here?" abi u dont know the road to lekki/Ajah? undecided undecided.

**THE OLDEST TENANT---> hmmmm!!! he/she knows all the history of the house and all records of both present and past tenants , so dont just cross ur bandary if you dont want to hear the history of your life.

**THE REVEREND SISTERS---> oh! sister nkechi and sister nkiru, when dey were suppossed to get married, they are waiting for rich guys with Murano jeepsm duplex houses and huge bank accounts but the lucky guy didnt came now they are above 40. there prayers will alws wake u up early morning. wink

**THE GOOD SAMARITAN--> love your neighbour as u love urself. you will alws meet new and different ppl in his/her room and when the landlord ask u will hear "na my father brother o" little by little dey will be 15 in one single room and the co tenant will stART fighting with them that dey must be paying extra money to pack the suckerway lolz. grin cheesy
poverty is not good my fellow ppl, may God open a bigger way for us all.
add yours if u remember any

First writing by agarawu23

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