How to Unlock Any locked Android Pattern Lock Easily


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How to Unlock Any locked Android Pattern Lock Easily
Posted on: December 21, 2014, 03:32:49 PM
Android Pattern lock is the most used security lock feature on android smartphones created to help users to protect their privacy and unauthorized use of their mobile phone from anyone. The Pattern lock comes by default on android phones and most android users have found it as a very useful while locking their device compared to the old way of using PIN or Password

I will advice you make use of this tutorial for your personal use only, not on any other persons phones. Am making this post because I know that most a times we forget our pattern lock, please We all love our privacy, don't do it on a friends phone.

Why Should I bypass My Pattern Lock?
Well, Many people do forget the unlock pattern of their cell phone and when you forget this, it will be locked for 30 seconds. At the same time if numerous failed attempts are made then it is locked forever and can only be unlocked using a registered Google account.

How To unlock any android smartphone Pattern lock:

First thing first, SWITCH OFF your android smartphone. When its off, now press down the VOLUME UP key then press the HOME BUTTON down together with the POWER BUTTON.

Once you do this, the android phone will power up with an android start menu Now use the volume button to scroll
UP and DOWN.
Now click on the DELETE ALL USER

After selecting that, then give your smartphone some time till it RESTARTS itself. Thats All.