2014-2015 crossover New Year Prayer and Guide (Must read)


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2014-2015 crossover New Year Prayer and Guide (Must read)
Posted on: December 31, 2014, 08:56:43 PM
I thank God who made it possible for us to see the end of the year 2014 and already in the year 2015 many has died, many has became blind and crippled but God protected us from the day we where born till this glorious year 2015, may his name be praised forever and ever amen.

2014-2015 crossover New Year Prayer:
Many of us passed so many hardship, sicknesses, disappointments and intimidation but i tell you that in this year 2015 those who call you nobody will see you as somebody, those who asked who are you in 2014 will ask you how are you in this 2015, those who intimidated you in 2014 will ask you for help in this 2015 because you are destined to make it in life.

There will be no room for sickness, hardship and disappointments this year 2015, whatever you failed to achieve in the year 2014 will be achieved this year 2015.
If you believe it say amen! as you are saying amen i will appreciate it if you can register and type Amen using our reply option below.

We have finished the 2014-2015 crossover New Year Prayer and its time for 2014-2015 crossover New Year Guide because i know that God has already answered our players.

2014-2015 crossover New Year Guide:
After Rejoicing and praising the God almighty for preserving us from 2014 to the year 2015 the next thing is to make some positive changes in our life's.

Am sure that you made one or two mistakes in the year 2014 and its time to ask yourself a question whether you want to make the same mistakes this year 2015 or to prepare yourself for a positive life style and required changes.

Personally every 31st of December and 1st January is when i always crosscheck my life and determine the necessary changes needed to be made in my life.

If you know those thing that you did wrong in the year 2014, its time to follow the right path, if your life style didn't work in 2014 then why can't you try something different in this 2015.

Finally take my advice and say amen to my prayer and the Good God will see us through because with him all things are possible.

We are already in the year 2015 and am pleading to all the new and old xtremeloaded forum (www.xtremeloaded.com) members and visitors to register and participate to make a xtremeloaded.com a better forum and God will bless you all.


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