Want to own a forum or Blog in this 2015 (read this)


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Want to own a forum or Blog in this 2015 (read this)
Posted on: January 01, 2015, 09:33:08 PM
Do you dream to own a blog or forum in this year 2015, i mean creating and managing a successful personal blog or forum, if that is the case here then you have come to the right place at the right time because after reading this article to the end you will learn and understand everything you need to know and probably how to get started.

Having a successful blog or a popular forum is as good as working in a good company with a sustainable salary but i will tell you that internet marketing is even more better compared to working in a good company because in blogging you are the boss, you don't work for anybody, you work for yourself and a successful blog/forum will always make money even when you are sleeping, when you are on vacation and when you are eating.

You can be a millionaire just like every other successful internet marketers but don't be carried away with all the benefits because nothing good comes easy and if you think that making millions genuinely is easy then you better look for something else to do before you end up wasting your precious time online without getting anything and as a matter of fact it will take years not even 1 or 2 but more.

What you need to create a blog or forum:
It depends on what you want but first we will try to determine whether we should start blog or forum because many people always find it difficult to chose between blog and forum but we will determine that by looking at the differences between the both.

1. A blog can be created, owned and managed by one person though can have more authors but in forum is not easy to create and manage with one person because a forum is seen as a community where you can see more people sharing their thought with each other.

2. A successful forum can be easy to run after few years of hard work because as the owner you might not be the one writing articles to your forum because more people will be willing to share and discuss more in a community forum compared to personal blogs.

3. Blogs don't give room for everybody to create and publish articles while in forum you are always ready to go once you understand their terms and conditions.

4. When it comes to making money, blogs seems to be more profitable than forum but it all depends on how many traffic you get, example: advertisers targets niche blogs that will give them targeted audience compared to forum but as i said a forum with more traffic can still make money more than a blog with fewer traffic.

5. The money required to set them up is not quite different because both blog and forum has free script, example if you are going for forum you can start wit SMF and if you want to go for blog your can start with WORDPRESS, but you need to have a web-host, you can read: Free web-hosting BlogSpot, WordPress or cheap hosting to start with if you need to know more about web-hosting and prices.

6. What template/design should you go for: both WordPress and smf has lots of free template to use but if you need a specialized design for your forum or blog then you can make a request for any type of design you want by contacting me on 08064660400 or email me on xtreamloaded@gmail.com and i will help you get a specialized and SEO optimized design for your new blog and forum.

You must have passion for blogging and not all about making money because that money don't come easily, it requires plenty of hard work and experience which don't come in few months but years.

I wrote this article titled Want to own a forum or Blog in this 2015 (read this) just to clear all your doubt and i will be answering all the questions related to blogging and forum from those who wants to create and own a blog or forum and all you need is to register and ask your questions and i will give you are positive answer.

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