How to use two or more simcards (Lines) in none double simcard phones


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The Method of using two or more SIMCARDS (lines) in one phone without double SIM contractor, meaning that you can actually use multiple networks at the same time even when using any phone that only uses one simcards not double simcards.

I Know the question should be how possible it is to use two or more simcards (Lines) in none double simcard phones but don't worry you will actually see and learn how to make it happen after reading this article.

This option will help you to receive calls from any network of your choice such as MTN, ETISALAT, GLO, AIRTEL in one phone, it will also reduce the burden of carrying two or more phones all in the name of using multiply Simcards.

How to use two or more simcards (Lines) in none double simcard phones:
You have two Simcards (Lines) example MTN and GLO or MTN and Etisalat or Airtel, all you need to do is to insert one simcard inside your phone while the other simcard can be kept safe inside your room.

Remember you will need to put your main simcard to your phone incase if you need to make some calls because the other simcard can only Receive but cannot make calls, so the question should be which network should i insert to the phone an when the decision is made insert the simcard that you will keep inside the room to your phone and press **21*followed with your main network line (the one you will keep in your phone)press # and send it.

After sending it, switch off your phone and replace the simcard with your main simcard and you are now free to receive calls in both network while you only have one simcard on your phone.

NOTE: It works in every phone and network
To cancel it kindly dial ##21# then switch off your phone and remove the simcard that is inside your phone, put the simcard you kept in your room (the one that is not in your phone), then press ##21# send it and the call forwording will be canceled and you are now free to use any simcard you wish to use. and are no longer using double simcard in one mobile phone.