Igbo's the devil you know is better than Angel you dont know (Jonathan VS Buhari)


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Igbo's the devil you know is better than Angel you don know (Jonathan VS Buhari), don't allow yourself to be fooled by anyone or any party, its time for us to make the right choice and decide by coming out during presidential election to vote for our own Man whom some region condemned simply because they want what they lost back by all possible means.

During the former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo we don't have any major opposing Change-change party to fight and take over power which i am sure that he was not perfect either but now some people on top think that power have entered in the wrong hand in our own favour they decided to make Jonathan's presidency ungovernable just to prove a point that our dear President is incompetent and powerless by interrupting his administration but we will all say no to their evil plans, we should also tell them that Igbo's have power to decide in Nigeria especially when it comes to choosing and voting for our own Man.

1. First they want to get Igbo's attention by using Igbo's name on News site and forums pretending to make you believe that them as an Igbo don't support Jonathan don't listen to them they are just campaigning for their own man and not an Igbo so be wise.

2. They are now using Ejike Mbaka's speech to get Igbo's attention claiming that he said that Goodluck Jonathan should go and allow Buhari is a big lie don't be deceived and let me remind you one thing that i have not forgotten.

During the time of Chimaroke Nnamani as a Governor of Enugu state Ejike Mbaka said boldly that he will never win for the second time but unfortunately Chimaroke Nnamani won for the second time and finished without any problem.

There is a huge difference when it comes to the things of God and politics.

Igbo's they are trying to get your attention because they know who you are going to vote for that is why they are trying everything possible to divert you mind and believe (Don't allow them) Goodluck Jonathan is our man

I traveled to Lagos on 30th December 2014 and i notice that everywhere is empty simply because the almighty Igbo"s have returned to their various homes to celebrate New Year, which means that igbos still have power to decide even in Lagos state and other states in Nigeria.

It will be a shame for Igbos if they don't act fast by coming out to vote for their own man to avoid regretting at last, where ever you might see yourself during Election time Come out and vote and don't be deceived by anybody.

Change, Change as they say is good, is also good to move our country forward but one thing to be noted is that there are two things involved (Change to better and changing to worse), what type of change are we taking about, is it changing to better or changing to Worse, the answer will always be changing to better but what prove do you have, we had about change many time and yet we are where we are.

Anybody can bring a better change to Nigeria not just Jonathan or Buhari so let not deceive ourselves because when it comes to politics a lot is involved.

Note: Am not writing this to promote Jonathan or anybody but for the fact that some region is fighting and never allowed Jonathan to show us how good or bad he is, made me to stand solidly behind him to show them that nobody owns Nigeria, not Igbo's, Hausa's or Yoruba"s and until they allow our President to show us what he got or wait patiently till 2019.

I still believe that the devil you know is better than Angel you don't know and i don't expect you to have the same believe with me and you have every right to your own opinion

If you want to understand me more read this: What Is Happening In Nigeria And Why Are You Blaming Jonathan

Come out and vote its your right, don't stay inside your house to watch movies or to do any other thing during election day because a man who"s house is on fire don't pursue Rat!

Long life Igbo's
Long life Yoruba's
Long life Hausa"s


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