Young Indian Couple Killed for Getting Married


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Young Indian Couple Killed for Getting Married
Posted on: January 07, 2015, 10:38:23 PM
Young Indian Couple Killed for Getting Married

A young Indian couple of the untouchable class were hacked to death for getting married without the approval of their families.
The Daily Mail reports that the young Indian couple were stabbed to death by the girl’s relatives despite police being ordered to protect them.
Sandeep Rani, 24, and his wife Khushboo, 22, had known that their lives were at risk after getting married without permission and so sought protection from the police; sadly, their request was declined. In response Mr Rani’s family went to the Punjab and Haryana High Court where a judge ordered police to provide the couple with security.

After returning to their village in Hoshiarpur
district, the couple continued to receive death threats, so they went to stay with friends. When they later briefly returned to their home in Mugowal village, some 77 miles from the Punjabi capital of Chandigarh, the couple were attacked and killed by five masked men carrying swords and knives.

Mr Rani’s family said their son was targeted first, and when his father, Parkash, tried to protect him he was also stabbed. Parkash is currently under intensive care.

After killing Mr Rani, the attackers reportedly went ahead and attacked his wife. Although she was still alive when an ambulance arrived, the new bride died a short time later.
It is believed that the couple, who were neighbours, had eloped and gotten married about three months before they were killed, against the wishes of Khushboo’s family.