(Strange) Could I have fathered my friend’s wife’s child?


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(Strange) Could I have fathered my friend’s wife’s child?
Posted on: January 08, 2015, 10:13:44 PM
By Bunmi Sofola

Dear Bunmi,

I was my friend’s best man when he got married some years back and I have since got married too. The four of us are good family friends but I’d been secretly in love with my friend’s wife even before they got married. Last year, she came to my office to ask me to assist in paying the school fees of her two children. I was about to have lunch then and asked her to join me. As she dished the food, I playfully slapped her back-side and she said nothing. In seconds, we were kissing passionately and the food was forgotten as we hurriedly made love and now she is pregnant with her third child. Apart from that first time we’ve had sex a few times and I always help, financially.

She said she wasn’t sure who of us is the father. That in the event that she has the child, it would be her husband’s even if the child looks like me. My own children take after me and if this child were mine, I would know from its resemblance of me. I wouldn’t want another man to raise my child. What should I do in the event that the child turns out to be mine?

By e-mail.

Dear George,
You are worrying yourself for nothing. It is bad enough that you are being unfaithful with your friend’s wife without you wanting to completely break his home with a fear that is unfounded. A child usually looks like whom you fantasise it to look like. Your lover has already told you what she intends to do with her child and I would respect her wish if I were you. Have you thought of how your wife should feel about all this if she finds out?

In the meantime, think seriously of ending this relationship as you might burn your fingers if you don’t, and your friend finds out.

what do you have to say about this story, personal it sounds strange to me.