Your life exam results in 2015 (Prayer)


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Your life exam results in 2015 (Prayer)
Posted on: January 11, 2015, 12:02:18 PM
Have u checkd d result of d life exam writen early dis month for d rest of dis year?" If "No", here are ur scores; i checked dem 4 u dis morning:

Long life : A1
Sickness : F9
Knowledge : A1
Riches : A1
Hapinex : A1.

But u were absent in d folowing subjects:

Hardship and Dificulties.

The following
subjects were also seized:
Disease and Suffering.

Furthermore, u did not register 4:

Premature Death and
Satanic Oppression.

U are hereby promoted 2 a new level of gr8tnes. CONGRATULATIONS!

Send dis to all u care about, but send it to me 1st.

Who are the 12 friends u can't forget in ur life ever? Msg only those 12 just like I did. Lets see how many msgs u get back! Start sending. Be honest! Only 12

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