Area Boys strike at APC rally


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Area Boys strike at APC rally
Posted on: January 17, 2015, 05:06:02 AM
STORIES By Olasunkanmi Akoni

The APC political rally that flagged off their campaign in Lagos Wednesday gave so much hope to the party going by the turn out and acceptability of the people. But miscreants and street urchins, popularly called “Area Boys” also seized the opportunity to unleash their dastardly acts on unsuspecting people that thronged the rally. They stole, picked pockets and made away with several mobile phones wallets, cash and other valuables.

A Journalist, who preferred anonymity as well as this reporter had their mobile phones stolen in broad day light.

Also, one of the APC chieftains, who preferred anonymity, was not spared in the robbery spree as the Area Boys dispossessed him of about N200,000.

“As people were leaving the venue after the rally, about six rough looking guys suddenly, accosted me. Initially, I thought they only wanted to get money from me but I pleaded with them that there wasn’t money on me. In the process, I did not realize that my Samsung Android mobile phone in my pocket had been picked.  As I walked few seconds away from the spot, I suddenly realized my phone was gone. By the time I turned back to see if the guys were still there, they had disappeared,” said the man