How to solve your mobile phone network failure problems


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How to solve your mobile phone network failure problems
Posted on: January 22, 2015, 12:28:55 AM
First, what is a mobile network? A network is a complicated system of roads, lines, tubes and nerves etc, that cross each other and are connected to each other.
Before you can be able to solve your mobile phone network failure problems you must first try to find the cause of the Network failure problems and here we have 4 types of mobile phone network failure problems namely:

1. Network failure caused by environment:
A network failure can be caused by environment due to the kind of system of building in our society, there are some environments that always have limited service or network no matter how you try or the type of phone you use.

The Good news is that there is a solution to any mobile phone network failure caused by environment, you can follow this procedure below to solve Network failure caused by the environment.

=> Remove your sim card from your mobile phone.
=> Look for a small naked wire.
=> Put back the sim card and battery, then switch on your phone.
After doing all this you will see an improvement immediately.
=> Fix or tie it near the sim card based (That is near the sim card area).

2. Network problem caused by your mobile phone Antenna or other hardware:
The network failure can occur when your mobile phone antenna is not in good condition, it might be shaking or then panels inside the phone are dusty and no longer intact.
It can also be caused by pressing wrong buttons on your phone unknowingly which might lead to restriction of Network but you don't need to worry because we have a solution to any mobile network failure caused by your phone its self.

=> Open the panels of your mobile phone.
=> Check whether the antenna is shaking and if it is shaking then solder it or give it to someone who can help you solder it.
=> Clean the panels with methylated spirit and dry in a ventilated area for some hours.

After doing all of the above your mobile phone network will be restored to normal.

3. Network failure caused by your mobile network Line (sim card):

Some Line (Simcard) do have network failure due to an improper formulation if you experience this kind of problem than the best solution is to call your network providers and inform them about the problem so that they can talk a look at the sim card properly.

4. Network failure caused by normal system network provider:
Many think can cause a network failure but I can as well tell you that network do have problems on their own and when such problem occurs the best option is to let your network provider to know that things are not working normally and they will attend to the problem form their end.

Am sure that this article has helped you in so many ways and I assure you that xtremeloaded forum will never stop teaching you how to get things done on your own, all the latest news and general tech guide will always be available on this forum (


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