How to make the rght choice when looking for woman to marry


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How to make the rght choice when looking for woman to marry
Posted on: February 08, 2015, 07:19:03 AM
One of the biggest problem men have when they are off age to marry is finding the right woman but i got gist that will make you understand and make the right choice.

I will first start with the marriage history of few most popular entertainers,

2FACE IDIBIA: married Anne,
many years of flirting with
other women,
why? Because
he knows no other woman contributed to his
life as much
as Anne.
VAN VICKER: did the very
same thing,
marrying the Girl he met when he was
just 15yrs old.
to his
girlfriend and Baby
Mama of many years. What do we learn from
this men?
They have seen a lot of
Women in
their lives,,,
but yet, they went back to that one woman
who stood by
them when they were
There is nothing as sweet as
the love of that woman who drank
garri with you,
who slept with
you on your hard floor
without a bed, who
didn't care about what you had or what
you didn't have.
Their love
is pure sweet and innocent.
They are obedient,
considerate, understanding, supportive,
submissive. Why? Because
they know what
you went
through or is going through
even before you make it in life. Because they
have become
part of you and
understand you even more
than you
understands yourself sometimes.
Be careful of ready made
Most of them are there for
your party.
After the party, they are gone.
My advice is, if you have that
women that
has supported
you, been there for you and
never left you even when you
were rude to her. Don't let her
She is priceless! A treasure. No
easy to find!
She is rare. She is what we call a woman
of class,
not a woman of money...^^^°°°°°

One of my friend shared this writeup on facebook and i was inspired and decided to share with you