Things you should know about your boyfriend


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Things you should know about your boyfriend
Posted on: February 25, 2015, 12:57:23 AM
Things you should know about your boyfriend and your relationship
Do you have a boyfriend but don't know much about him, then there is nothing to worry about all you need is to read this article till the end as i am prepared to tell you the most important things you should know about your boyfriend.

An adult having a boyfriend is not a bad thing but sometimes the way you go about it might be wrong, this article will focus more on how to play safe by telling you all the real truth and secrets your should know about your boyfriend.

Things you should know about your boyfriend:
Without wasting much of our time let me guide you through by telling you all the things you should know about your boyfriend so that you don't make mistakes.

Men is polygamous in nature:
You boyfriend might not be contented with you alone without having other girlfriends simply because men is design in such a way that they like and enjoy testing different colors and shapes of women at the same time.

You might not agree with me but trust me you can only find 10 out of 100 that can have and maintain only one woman without mixing things which is not good, so take note.

Your boyfriend might be a big liar:
Sometimes the reason why some girls run into troubles such as disappointment in their relationship is because the have eyes but can't see with it because they are blinded by love.

Your boyfriend might say he loves you just to get what he wants not actually that he loves you that is why you need to be careful.

Men Hardly quite easily:
I don't know how you suffered your boyfriend before you accepted to be his girlfriend and now both of you is singing FOREVER(Psquare), i support you but trust me men can go extra mile just to get what they want and i bet you, your boyfriend might not be exception.

If your boyfriend came in for your body then definitely once he achieved that he will be out so take note and be careful.

Your boyfriend will not let you go if he loves you:
In this case it depends on the agreement but sometimes when you are into relationship that you hope to end in marriage but suddenly some guy appeared either directly or through your parents and ask your hands in marriage and your boyfriend tells you to go and marry him, then i will tell you to better go because that guy is not ready and will not marry you even if his ready.

A guy who truly love a girl will never like to see her go to another man no matter what as i keep saying:
That beautiful one's are not yet born as they say is true but not when you are in love, you will always be contented and fulfilled only with the one you are currently in love with irrespective of unborn & unknown angels yet to come.

Use weapon am pregnant!:
The last thing your boyfriend wants to hear from you is that AM PREGNANT especially those one's who never sees you as their future wife.
Some girls use this system to know how much a guy loves them, checking his reactions and suggestions.

Another truth is that some men might not be against having babies but what they will not allow is having baby from the wrong woman, when a guy truly knew that he will never marry you, he will never be happy to have any child from you by either willingly or mistakenly.

Men hates too much demanding:
I know as a woman you might need one or two things to maintain yourself but trust me men hates any girl who always demands for something especially money, if your guy loves you and understands how much your happiness means to him than trust me he will always try his best to make you happy at all cost.

Don't give your boyfriend the impression that you loves him because of his money or because of his handsomeness instead tell him that you loves him because you are happy and complete with him.

Finally Nothing is exactly what it appears to be in life that is why you should always be careful and ready for unexpected you need to make your relationship work.

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