(Inspiration) How to be strong and achieve your dreams


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(Inspiration) How to be strong and achieve your dreams
Posted on: March 04, 2015, 05:49:26 PM
You can achieve your dreams but you really need to think fast and be strong before you can achieve something great and meaningful in your life.
You might want to be this and that in life but the truth is that you must learn and find right path towards your direction (Dream), for example; if you want to travel from Lagos to Abuja, you must follow the right direction leading to Abuja and if you mistakenly followed a bus to PH then you have missed your way and that is how it works when it comes to achieving our dreams.

This article is to help you stay in track so that you can achieve your dreams without missing your way and now without wasting much of our time i will tell you some powerful Inspirational words that will keep you strong and help you achieve your dreams.

(Inspiration) How to be strong and achieve your dreams:

>> That you are not going to be great in life is simply because you are not thinking of becoming great in life.

>> Never forget that its not over until is over and is only when you quite then it becomes over but remember winners don't quite, keep fighting for your dream and you will see yourself becoming who you wanted to be.

>> All you need to make it in life is to think about it, work towards it, stay focused, grab it, its yours and manage it well, so simple right.

>> Be yourself, never change your originality for the sake of others, because no one can play your role better than you.
So be yourself because you are the best.

>> Never try to be like me or any other person because there are lots of things you can do better than me or them, believe in yourself and do things in your own way because you can do it better than others.
That they failed doesn't mean you will fail because you are so unique.

>> Never envy someone instead congratulate them and believe that you will soon be like them or more than them because God is watching our heart, if you want others to die, God might send you to go and test it first and if you want everybody to be under you, you might as well see yourself under them at the long run. Lover your Neighbor as you lover yourself.

Finally you must understand that nothing Good comes easy and your determination is highly needed in other to reach your destination.
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