How you can findout where to collect your PVC (Voters card)


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How you can findout where to collect your PVC (Voters card)
Posted on: March 06, 2015, 05:17:18 AM
This is to inform general public especially those that have forgotten the address of the places they registered their PVC voters card that they can just use their personal computers, smartphones/Tablet to check and see the addresses of the local government where they should go and collect their PVC Voters card.

You don't have any excuses again because i personally confirmed and find my PVC Voters card Pickup location and am pleading with you guys to try and get the PVC Voters card because that is the only important and free thing you must have.

Don't just shout PDP and APC, GOODLUCK and BUHARI without having your PVC because that is the only to backup your claim.

Goto and find your PVC pickup location now, no time to wast because you really need it.

The address of your PVC will be sent to your mobile phone and email your provided, so there is no need of writing the address out.

Note: you need to check it with Computer or some Good Smartphone and tablet and if you don't have you can goto cybercafe to check it.

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