What happened to multi tv Ghana JOY TV and CINE AFRIK


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What happened to multi tv Ghana JOY TV and CINE AFRIK
Posted on: March 08, 2015, 09:26:26 PM
For almost one week now JOY TV and CINE AFRIK owned by multitv Ghana is off  the air for a reason best known to multitv and lots of fans has been asking questions why JOY TV and CINE AFRIK is not viewing again but multitv have not been able to give a specific reasons regarding to the situation.

Multiv Replaced Joytv with Joy prime and joy prime is now combining both Foreign and Local movies, sports and all sorts of entertainments but the truth is that without the JOY TV and CINE AFRIK multitv will lose their fans including me because that is the only channels that makes the difference.

Before anything i must congratulate them for the job well done, it's never easy to air free television channels completely free of charge for years.

Multitv is the best i rate them higher above all these paid tv channels because even in Nigeria not government or an individual can do it for free, even to watch AIT Lagos you have to pay for it once you are outside Lagos, nothing comes for free in Naija but Ghanians have shown that something better can come out from their country that will benefit almost all the African countries.

Finally i congratulate them for their wonderful work but as well begging them to return JOY TV and CINE AFRIK and keep the fire burning because if others don't enjoy their services i personally love it and we need the JOY TV and CINE AFRIK.

we will appreciate it if you people can hear the cry of masses and bring back JOY TV and CINE AFRIK thank you and remain blessed