How to solve Blackberry Blinking Red Light problem


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How to solve Blackberry Blinking Red Light problem
Posted on: March 16, 2015, 05:13:56 PM
If you are having problem with your blackberry problem of Blinking Red Light, you can fix the problem by yourself easily with the help of anyone.

In other to to fix blackberry problem of Blinking Red Light simple follow this steps below to get the problem solved.

How to solve Blackberry Blinking Red Light problem:
Now to solve your problem simply follow this simple steps:

1. Download "Blackberry Master Control Program" and Install it.
2. Download "CFP_3.9.0.175.exe" keep on desktop.
3. Open Master Control Program and click on "Setting Wheel" on left hand side and
in enable protected control type " BrickBerry" same as it is here.
4. Right click on "Alien face CFP button" at left hand side.
5. Below in CFP option (rim command-line program (cfp) executable ), select the CFP which you copied on desktop.
6. Connect your BB without battery, on top command-line interface (CLI),
select wipe, tick mark the empty box next to "Execute" and press Execute. it will take 10 to 12 minutes after it finish disconnect your BB install a battery and wait for few minutes let the phone do its job.

Let the BB Master Control Program be open.

Now the trick is to load OS

1. In BB Master Control Program on right hand side below, right click on apploader
it will load/nojvm, connect your phone follow the instructions. that is all you have done the job..

if it gives you error again go to step 6 select "Nuke" and then "wipe". After this if says error don't cancel the procedure just disconnect the phone remove the battery re insert and wait until the phone finish then connect the phone and press retry.

Hope this helps you to solve your Blackberry Blinking Red Light problem