Nigerian Nollywood system 30minutes movie with different names is Bad


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What is happening to Nigerian Nollywood? All we see now is 30minutes movie with different names unlike some western countries that has graduated to (SEASONAL FILMS) that can last for 24 hours and at the same time very interesting and Educative.
Does it mean that Nigerian Nollywood is trying to make more money by dividing one movie into five(5) or more with different names without adding any value.

I feel so sad about this system introduced into Nollywood because they should be learning from other developed countries not falling behind all in the name of making more money.
How can I spend money to buy a movie filled with:

1.   20minutes of unnecessary music/song
2.   10minutes  introducing the names of actors/actresses
3.   20-30minutes of manageable action.
The funniest thing is how they name their movies.
1.   Ada Owrri (part 1), Ada mbano (part 2), Ada Imo (part 3)
Both Ada Owerri, Ada Mbano and Ada Imo is just the same movie but was divided into 3 or more just to get:

Ada Owerri = N100
Ada Mbano = N100
Ada Imo =N100
Total = N300

The above example is just to show you things because they always have it upto 5 to 7 different names but the same movie.
I understand that Nigerian movies is cheap but still that is not the reason to splits one movie into five(5) because even the American seasonal movies that always takes more than 5-24hours to watch is also cheap here in Nigeria, so what is the problem?

The truth is that I will never buy such movie because I don’t like their new system of 30minutes movie with different names, apart from that I personally don’t watch Nigerian movies much apart from American Seasonal films such as

1.   24Hours
2.   Prison Break
3.   Legend of the seeker
4.   Merlin
5.   Spartacus etc.

 Nollywood should work harder to add value not money, everything is not money, once you are doing something great more people including people that feel the same way I do will recommend and buy the movie because producing Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa in one movie is not the solution but if you people think that you are improving by producing 30minutes movie with different names then let them keep it up. But for me I have never bought and will never buy such movie, though am not discouraging those that are buying it after all once it makes you happy go for it.

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