How Jonathan and Buhari will battle for votes


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How Jonathan and Buhari will battle for votes
Posted on: March 23, 2015, 03:56:55 PM
The 2015 presidential General Election is on its way, just few days from now (28th March 2015) and the question now is who will win considering that lots of things has changed, Some will say that GoodLuck (PDP) will win, while some Believe that Buhari (APC) will win but it doesn't matter who you want to win but in few days the result will be shown publically.

How Jonathan, Buhari will battle for votes:
You can see how everything went in 2011, knowing fully well that a lot has changed but still this will help you predict and see what to expect in 2015 presidential General Election

See the 2011 Presidential Results between Buhari and President Goodluck and what you should expect in 2015 presidential General Election according to vanguard reporter.

Anambra State:
Anambra was a state Jonathan won with more than 99 per cent in 2011 with 1,145,169 votes. The president is believably headed for another victory in the state in 2015, but only fools will believe that the president could get the kind of victory he got four years ago. The momentum for Buhari has been tempered in Anambra by internal divisions within the Buhari campaign especially around the personality of the leaders of the campaign. Senator Chris Ngige, who is leading the campaign in the state, is not in the good books of a handful of many other supporters.

Ebonyi 2011: Jonathan 480,592 Buhari 1,025 Jonathan got more than 99.5 per cent of the votes he got in 2011 and was helped by the fact that Buhari practically did not have an organisation in the state and the state opposition leader, Senator Julius Ucha was drained of resources

Imo State:
Jonathan got almost the entire 1,406, 289 votes in Imo State in 2011. However, the defeat of Ikedi Ohakim in the governorship election that took place about the same time by 290,496 votes to 336,859 votes in the same constituency
has led many to believe that the presidential election results may have been bloated.

Enugu State:
Jonathan won here with 882,144 votes to Buhari’s 3753 while Ribadu went home with 1,755 votes.

Jonathan got 1,175,954 to the 3,608 votes Buhari received in 2011. Though with the introduction of the card reader the prospects of Jonathan getting that many votes have been seriously reduced, but there is little doubt he would easily trounce Buhari in Abia.

Jonathan won here with 1, 378, 851 in 2011. However, since then a number of political shifts and miscalculations have been made to cause a radical alteration of the permutations.

EDO 2011:
Jonathan 542, 173 Buhari 17,795 The results in 2011 would be of little consequence in 2015 given that Governor Adams Oshiomhole practically sat on the fence that year. In 2015 the comrade governor has taken the Buhari project as a personal one.

To be continued.....

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