How to fix common Mobile phone problems and errors by yourself


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Fix Your mobile Phone Problem and common errors, we all have our own mobile phones which we use on a daily basis but sometimes that your mobile phone do have problems that needs to be fixed as soon as possible but the question is how?

With no doubt everybody must not be a mobile phone engineer that can fix any mobile phone problems but the truth here is that there are some problems you can really fix without any one helping you and that is why I titled this article: How to fix common Mobile phone problems and errors by yourself which shows you that am talking about minor mobile phone problems or common errors not all of them.
Another question here is: what are the mobile phone common problems that I can fix and how to fix them?

Nice question, that question is the main reason why we are all here looking at our own mobile and PC screen but I am prepared to make you an engineer this moment (Mobile Phone Engineer).

How to fix common Mobile phone problems and errors by yourself:
Now let me give you what I have and if you phone is giving you some headache then be ready to fix it now.

#1. What to do when your phone fell into water?
Sometimes your mobile phone might mistakenly fall inside water while you are doing something but if something like that happens then follow these steps:

=>   Immediately pickup your phone from the water and remove the battery, don’t waste time trying to use the power off button because any more time you waste is when the water jams lots of components together that will cost more damage.

=>   After removing the battery then open and spread the phone to the sun or any heat that can dry the water inside the phone but don’t face the phone screen to the sun, use the backside to face tot the sun or nay heat.

=>   When you are sure that the water inside has dried up then take the phone in a cool dry place and allow it cool.
=>   Couple your phone and insert the battery accordingly,
=>    Power it on, your phone should be working fine now but if it fails then you need to take it to mobile phone engineers.

#2.  My phone always switch’s off regularly what can I do?
As a mobile phone user, sometimes your phone can be switching off on a regularly basis even when you  put your phone in your pocket and thought your phone is on, only to bring it out to see that the phone has been off.
The problem is mainly caused by battery and if the above is the problem that you are facing then follow these steps to fix it on your own.

=>   Check your mobile phone battery because when your battery is no longer working properly it can contribute to the problem.
=>   Check your phone contact areas (terminals) and see if anything is blocking it or if you are using like new Nokia batteries use small pin to tighten the battery contact areas so that even when the phone shakes or fall down it will still be on
=>   Make sure that your mobile phone battery is not shaking or slightly shorter than its normal size and if so then use small paper to hold it tight.
If you follow all the steps and the problem persist then take it to mobile phone engineers because it might be a hardware problem.

#3. My own always hangs when in use, what can I do to fix it?
The most embarrassing thing in mobile phone is hanging; Imagine when you are busy chatting with your friends or sending urgent text messages and your phone decides not to work again.

The problem can be caused by the phone firmware, installed app or excess multitasking but there is a way to fix it.
Steps to fix mobile phone hanging while in use:

=>   Make sure you move anything you keep or installed on your phone that is movable to your internal or external memory which will enable the phone to have enough space to work.
=>   Don’t open many apps at a time because both of them might be fight for space which will cause the phone to hang, the idea is to open the app you are using and close those that you are not using.
=>   Some phone like Nokia E7 will start working after hanging if you slide the left side light on and off button.

#4. What to do when your phone hangs and fails to off:
As we are discussing about mobile phone hanging while in use, let not forget that some phone once the hang you will not be able to switch it off or on again, below Is what to do.

=>   For some phone hold the power off button for 60 seconds and it will force the phone to off and restart.
=>   Alternatively if the phone can’t be switched off by any means then open your battery cover and remove your battery and insert it back.

Hope this tutorial will help you fix your mobile phone common errors by yourself without contacting anybody because i want you to do it yourself if you can.

I will also be updating this article with more solutions to all your mobile phone problems.

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