70 year-old Indian farmer fights off leopards with walking stick


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New Delhi – A 70 year-old farmer in northern India survived a 15-minute battle with two leopards but lost an eye in the fight, a news report said on Tuesday.

Dhan Singh, from a village in mountainous Uttarakhand State was walking home on Sunday when the big cats pounced on him from the bushes.

The septuagenarian fought the leopards with his walking stick for nearly 15 minutes before villagers who heard his cries for help arrived at the scene and scared away his assailants.

Singh lost an eye during the fight and was being treated for multiple injuries including, lacerations on his legs, waist and back.

Report says in August 2014 a 56 year-old woman in the same region staved off a leopard attack and killed the cat using a sickle and spade.

According to forest officials, the northern state of Uttarakhand has a growing leopard population and conflicts with humans are becoming increasingly common.