Don't fight for Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan over 2015 Election


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Are you planning to fight over 2015 general Presidential Election if in anyway your presidential candidate fails to win the election as expected?
That will be the worst mistake you will either die or leave to regret.

For which ever reasons you might have DON'T FIGHT for anybody over this 2015 general election because your live is important to you and people around you.

The people you want to fight for will still be alive with their children while you lost your life or any of your loved once because the children of both Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammad Buhari's lives abroad, if you doubt me where did they cast their vote and even if you start the war they will not be affected because they have their private JET to take them to the neighboring countries as quick as possible while you will be here dying for nothing but the question should be what happens to that your:

Your beautiful wife and Children
That your lovely brothers and sisters
What about that your pregnant wife
Do you really want to end your life and all your dreams because these selfish politicians that will not even remember that you exist when they become president.

Let us be wise and if you don't enjoy your life someone else does.
Nigerians be wise, don't kill yourself while the people you are killing for will stay and live with their family.


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