A political Joke but true (Must Read)


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A political Joke but true (Must Read)
Posted on: March 30, 2015, 09:07:57 AM
One guy posted this on net and i decide to share with you guys
foolishness is wen u go 2 London 2
with ppl that ve no PVC.
»insane is wen u've bin shouting "up Nepa"
since u were born nd xpect GEJ to be a.
magician in 4years. »madness is wen u spend 6yrs in d university reading day n
night 2 get certificate at d end vote a
without a certificate.
»olodo is wen u use broom 2 sweep without
using Parker 2 pack d dirt. »barawo is wen u say u and ur members
will wipe
corruption while ur benefactor owns half of
» Mumuness is when a youth votes for his
grandfather to be president when he is supposed
to be the present leader, foolishness is wen
elder who should be enjoying his old age is
stressing himself doing "I must win
politics" Pls..share 2 orders if u love naija.

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