Now the Election is over so what next?


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Now the Election is over so what next?
Posted on: March 31, 2015, 06:20:46 PM
Finally the election is over and the question is now what next but the answer is here.

Buhari has won the 2015 Nigerian presidential general election and you don't need to hear the last result from Jega to know the results and i advise all Nigerians to accept the results and let move forword.

I understand you might be among the people rejoicing or weeping but the truth remains that what has happened has happened.

Think about your future, what you want out of live and how to achieve it because irrespective of who won the 2015 Presidential General Election, no one can help you achieve your dream if you don't help yourself.

Above all congrats to Buhari, he keep on fighting for that seat for years and finally he got it and now what we all have to do is to wait and see what he has to offer which is the change as they say.

once again Congrats to Buhari
Congrats to APC and Congrats to Nigeria
Lastly but not the least Congrats to Goodluck Jonathan for allowing Democracy to stay.

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