See what Nigerian Girls are doing in Ghana


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See what Nigerian Girls are doing in Ghana
Posted on: April 06, 2015, 11:12:00 PM
In Ghana Today, Nigerian Girls mostly from Imo, Owerri, Abia and Anambra States
have decide to ruin their life's. What have they come here to do? They have come to
be exploited at the highest level. A Girl of 16 to 20 years will proudly own up to be a
prostitute. Do they still have families? Many have made up their minds never to go
back home. What must have caused them to end up like this? Sin of the flesh. Not
being able to hold on till they get what they dream of. This is not a case of Corrupt Government or Unemployment. It is a Satanic Syndrome taking over our Girls. God
help them!
Writen by Nwoga Chukwuebuka

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