How some Nigerian Girls and guys scam on Facebook


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How some Nigerian Girls and guys scam on Facebook
Posted on: April 08, 2015, 08:51:28 AM
Despite all the goodies facebook offers some Nigerians use facebook not actually to connect with friends and family but to scam(419) others to make money pretending to be a beautiful woman or possibly a woman and i will tell you how they do it so that you will never fall for them.

Facebook is the all time best and greatest social network in the world where we connect with friends and family, with facebook you can find all your lost friends once you can remember their full name phone number or email addresses, with facebook you will be far and at the same time remain close to your friends and family.

How some Nigerian Girls and guys scam on Facebook:
Have you wondered why sometime if you see a guy or a girl who is living in the same city with you on Facebook they will refuse to pay attention to you?
The secrets is that they are not looking for anyone close to them because they need someone in Abuja while the live in Enugu so that when you ask them to come you will have to pay for transportation of about 10k.

The funny thing is that if you fall for them and send the money to them your money will enter voice mail because the person you thought to be girl might be just a guy while some will still be girls.

If you doubt it just try and look for people closer to you on Facebook and i bet you 3 out of 20 can respond to you while others will not respond but on the other hand try to connect with people far from you 10 out of 20 will respond.

How to Identify Fraudsters on Facebook:

Whenever you connect with someone on Facebook and her/she asks whether you are student or working class without even trying to know any other thing from you then run that person is interested in your pockets and not actually to know who you are.

Always be careful about beautiful women especially the one interested in you.
I suggested you play safe a better use your time wisely