Top seo services and tricks for your website


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Top seo services and tricks for your website
Posted on: April 09, 2015, 06:26:21 AM
I am providing you this 2015 Top seo services and tricks for your website that will help you rank perfectly well not because am an expert but I have been into this since 2012 and I have seen and known most of the things that favors me and the one’s that failed me, remember what makes us different is what I know that you don’t know and what you know that I don’t know.

This article (2015 Top seo services and tricks for your website) will be based on the tips and tricks that works for me, I mean the things I usually do that helps me improve my search rankings.

Google have been making lots of changes to fight spammers who ripe what they don’t sow simply because they think that they are smarter than others and I have come tell you some tips that still works.
2015 Top seo services and tricks for your website: To optimize your website for search engine rankings you must understand and follow the below steps:

Check how Google index your site:
You must monitor how fast search engines index your site to know what to do next though my experiment shows that search engines consider the followings:

   Content is the king:
What you are offering on your website is what determines the value of your website, if you are offering crap your website will be crap and if you are offering value your website will be valued just simple as that.
This time no matter how you try to optimize your website without adding value, your website will never be valued by either humans or search engine spiders.

So the first step is to ask you what others might be looking for and provide them the answer to their questions, solutions to their problems and teach them what they need to learn, that is how it works.

   How regularly you update your website:
Search engines pay more attention to websites that publish new articles regularly and in other to rank higher you need to find a way to update you website with fresh content and search engines will know that they will always see now content whenever they come to your website.

   Copied content can stop search engines:
Knowing full well that updating your blog with fresh content regularly help you rank higher, I don’t mean that you will be copying articles from other site and expect search engines to rank you higher NO you need something unique to rank higher and when search engines don’t see anything unique they will not bother to come to index your website.

   Manually tell search engines to index your site url:
You can tell search engines like Google to index your site manually without waiting for them to come with the help of Google webmasters tools which you can accomplish by going to Google Webmasters tools and use fetch as Google to submit any new content published in your Blog/website which in 2-5 minutes that particular url will be indexed.

   Your website loading speed:
To rank high you must insure that your website loads as fast as possible because it helps not only search engines to index your site but also makes it easier for your visitors to browse your website with ease.

Your site structure and design:
You must not neglect to optimized your website structure and design because it counts these days, for instance Google recently recommended that it’s a must to make every website mobile friendly and also will be rolling another update on 21st April 2015 that will decrease the search ranking of any site that is not mobile friendly.
Without being told 70% site visitors comes from mobile users and that is why you should make your website look beautiful and friendly for your mobile visitors.

Professionally interlinking of your pages:
In case you don’t know that interlinking your web pages is one of the best on-page Search engine optimization (SEO) that help to increase search engine rankings of any website and I will tell you how it works.
Interlinking your pages reduces the overall website bounce rate which search engines also uses to determine how useful and engaging a web page is.

When your website has a high bounce rate it shows search engines that the page is useless since the visitors don’t see anything useful and decided to hit the back button as quick as possible, but with the interlinking of your pages your visitors will be navigating from one page to the other without leaving your site so quick.

How social are your website?
Search engines is also checking on how connected and engaged your website is on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc
Apart from search engines you can be getting from 10% of your website traffic from social networks which will never be a bad idea after all what matters is getting audience to your website that can easily be converted to profits.

Link Building:
Link building worked perfectly few years ago but not now because some spammers used it to show some smartness and Google says that even though that they might still use link but will never rank an unworthy website simply because they got many links pointing to their website but the question is what determines worthiness of a web page.

The answer is simply Great content and consistency, sometimes is not all about what you can do now but what you can still be doing tomorrow, bloggers will understand what I mean.
Hope this Top seo services and tricks for your website will help you get back to the right track while we move ahead together to achieve our dreams.

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