Fighting Corruption is Important but Electricity is need most


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Nigerians is expecting more from the incoming government as the President elect promised to fight corruptions, provide security etc but in my own opinion as a Nigerian giving us Constant and uninterrupted Power supply (Electricity) should be the first and the best thing any Nigerian Government can achieve.
I don’t know if you agree with me or not but we should all know that not everybody depends on government to live while some work under government.
Giving Nigerians Constant and uninterrupted power supply is what everybody will benefit no matter the kind of work you do.
For instance:
   Bloggers/webmasters needs Electricity to power their computers that will enable them write and publish articles.
   Barbers (Barbing Saloon) needs Electricity for their day to running of their business
   Factories/Industries needs Electricity that will enable them increase production and as well reduce price of goods which will help Nigeria grow her economy.
   Housewives still needs electricity to cook and keep themselves busy with their TV’s
Everything in Nigeria needs electricity and yet many still see it as impossible thing to achieve but I will still say it again, thank God that Nigerian military has done a great job on the issue of Boko Haram, what we miss and need now most among all is constant power supply in Nigeria.
Any government that can provide uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria will be the best government because we have suffered for decades over the epileptic power supply in Nigeria and its times to put an end to it.
I plead to the incoming Government to give us what matters most which in my own opinion is Electricity that can be of benefit to the country’s economy

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