Ecobank ATM and Network problems (My message to Ecobank Nigeria)


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I want to use this opportunity to tell Ecobank Nigeria that am not impressed with their services and more especially when it comes to their ATM Machine Network.

I use Ecobank to run my day to day businesses and my experience with them is very discouraging, that is why i decided to let them know that i am personally not happy with them, i also know that many of ecobank customers is also not happy with them.

More than 10 occasions i rushed to the nearest Ecobank ATM only to be disappointed that their is no Network for Ecobank users while other banks come and collect money using Ecobank ATM Machines is so disgusting.

Just last two weeks Thursday 30th April 2015 i rushed to Ecobank as earlier as 6AM Morning to get some money for hospital checkups only to discover that Ecobank don't have network will other banks comes to their ATM to collect money and till 4PM afternoon this problem is still not resolved and i canceled going to hospital that day which is so disappointing.

I full understand that Every bank do have network problems but for me Ecobank network problem occurs more often compared to other bank in Nigeria and they should try to improve their network by upgrading to more reliable network if necessary.


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