Differences between Naijabet, nairabet and Baba Ijebu Lotto (Premier Lotto)


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Naija bet, Naira bet and Baba ijebu premier lotto is the most played game for money in Nigeria and with no doubt many has be wondering to know which game is better than the other or which one can give more money than the other.

To help you understand more Naija Bet, Naira bet is all about sports betting example you can choose 5 football teams and predict who wins, who draws, goal differences, time to score and who scores while Premier lotto is all about combination of numbers ranging from 1-90 numbers.
To win lotto you are expected to find 1, 2 or 3 numbers that will play in other to win money with either 1 against 90 numbers 2sure or 3Direct.

To know more about Baba Ijebu Premier lotto Nigeria kindly follow this link: HOW TO PLAY AND WIN BABA IJEBU LOTTO NIGERIA WINNING NUMBER or get all the Nigerian Lotto results online here: All LOTTO RESULTS IS ONLINE HERE

Both of the games gives money but the rules remains the same which is the higher you increase the risk the higher the money to be won increases. example
in lotto you might decided to play 3Direct instead of 2sure or permutation which is more risky and hard to win but if you are lucky and it drops you win something big.

In sports betting you might decided to chose up to 10 football teams and predict who wins and goal difference and if you get all correctly you will win big.

Again both Naijabet, Nairabet and Lotto are hard to win but there are one advantage Nigerian sports betting has over Nigerian Baba Ijebu premier Lotto which is Transparency.

Naija bet, Naira bet sports betting is more transparent than Premier lotto in the sense that sometimes you don't see or know how they draw lotto and come up with their result while in sports betting everything is clear and when you win you don't even need anybody to tell you that you win.

Transparency has been a big problem when it comes to Nigerian Lotto and that is why some people sees it as a fraud since they don't show publicly how they get their winning numbers while some still believes that they work on their system to monitor the number played.

Finally both of them is gambling and when you decided to be playing such games you should know that there is nothing like win win, is either you win or you lose and will mostly lose more often than winning and that is the truth about these games.

If you still have any question kindly comment below with your questions.


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broz pls reply my whatsapp msg...... i want to join the lotto group


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Quote from: aity2011
broz pls reply my whatsapp msg...... i want to join the lotto group
Ok i will get connected now

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