PDP Presidential lost and massive decamp to APC is not the change we need


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PDP Presidential lost and massive decamp to APC is not the change we need rather it shows one thing (no Dignity) in Politics but all about joining moving train no one wants to be left out.

People's Democratic Party (PDP) lost presidential seat to All Progressives Congress (APC) on 28th March 2015 General Election but the strange thing is that it seems as if some politicians who decamped to APC before the Election already knew that PDP will not retain their Presidential seat and decided to join the moving train instead of becoming opposition party and this has clearly shows that politics is not about dignity and principle but joining the moving train where everything works fine.

In my own opinion I thought that when someone took something from you that you fight to get it back but in this case things looks different.
I love politics and I intend becoming one of the well known politician in the future but what I saw happening is really discouraging because am someone who hardly quite and can stand on my word anytime and any day.

Those who decided to Decamp from one political party to the other might probably no more than I do but I do know one thing “When Collins decided to relocate from Lagos to Abuja, it simply means that Collins changed location but Collins remains Collins"

What am I saying?

We cry for change and yet those people you thought that destroyed the country is still the same people changing Locations not actually changing their Selfish heart desires and ambitions.

Am not referring to anyone in particular but I want to use this opportunity to tell Nigerians that the change we need is not changing from PDP TO APC or APC to PDP because changing political party with the same ambitions and selfish desires will still be as good as no change at all.

I love my country Nigeria and I believe that soon things will be better for my country all we need is the people who has the interest of humanity at heart and those who will fight to make Nigeria a better country that the world will recognize not those who pursue their personal ambitions and never care if Nigeria moves forward or not.

We don’t need those that loves it when things are not working well simply because it favors them but someone who cares about the entire country.
God Bless Nigeria.

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