A healthy life means wealth (Learn how to live healthy)


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A healthy life means wealth (Learn how to live healthy)
Posted on: May 14, 2015, 09:04:11 PM
Our life is so precious that none of us want to die but to live and achieve our goals and dreams, the truth is that you need to think and avoid some certain things that can cut that life shot if you want to live as long as God wishes.

A healthy life is equal to wealth and for that reason you must make sure you don't compromise you health and live with any other thing in Life.

7 Things you should avoid to stay alive and healthy
Without wasting much of our time i ill use this opportunity to list 7 things you should avoid to stay alive and healthy because nothing is more than a healthy life.

1.   Stay away from working Electricity Generators:
Stay close to working or recently used electricity generators can kill because of the bad carbon dioxide that it produces.
It kills fast with no mercy as you always see the news of persons or families who died through that means, if you want to stay alive and healthy then take note.

I don’t mean you shouldn’t use your Generator as you wish but don’t stay close to your electricity generator when in use or recently used.

2.   Warm your food before eating:
It’s a good a good idea to always warm your food before eating because it’s good to your body and also kills some unseen germs that might cause problems to your health.

3.   Minimize how you drink cooled Beer/wine and water:
I understand that those Beer/wine or water always has a better taste when cooled but too much of everything is bad because apart from calming the temperature down when the weather is hot there are no other benefit and it’s not good to your health.

4.   Protect yourself against STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases):
You must play safe if you had to play because when it comes to sexual intercourse there are plenty of diseases that can be contacted.
Always protect yourself especially when doing anything with someone that is not your wife or husband because what you see outside might be different from with is inside, hope you understand.

To be continued.