7 things you don't know about Women (Must Read)


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7 things you don't know about Women (Must Read)
Posted on: May 16, 2015, 11:06:25 PM
There are few things i noticed about women and i decided to share it with you guys so that you will always be alert when you are dealing with any woman, if you think you know more about women then continue reading to find out the one you don't know.

Women is a precious gift from God to men but sometime they are not always gift but something else which is the main reason why i decided to write this article (What you don't about Women).

1. 95% of Women Wants money more than love:
Its true that nothing will be perfect without money but these days women can marry a man 10 time older than her own father if he is rich and well connected and if you disagree with me then tell me any young lady you had marrying old man of about 45-50 years old that don't have money and well connected.

The worst part of it is that sometimes young guys find it hard to get a beautiful ladies while old men has upper hand to get young and beautiful ladies as many as they want as long as they are super rich and connected.

2. To be accepted two things are involved:
With no doubt i have noticed two major things women consider before saying yes to a man which is Money first and out looking second.

If you don't have money or looks handsome and neat then expect to get one yes out of uncountable approaches because women has different choices some will go for money while some will go for a handsome guy.

3. You don't have to die for women:
Are you the type who will always be ready to die for love and women precisely, then you might be making a big mistake because once you are gone it will not take her few months to start fresh life with your friend or her old boy friends while you are no more so everything has limit.

4. Don't see any girl as an Angel at the beginning:
Women tends to be angels at the beginning of the relationship when she gets what she wants you will see the worst part of her and that is why you can't know for sure if your dream girl is an Angel yet so take note.

5. Don't take women for granted:
Never take a woman for granted because they can do anything when you push them especially when cheating on them because they hate it more than anything so respect them when they gave you their hearts.

6. Women can love with their inner heart:
In this aspect women is always better than Men especially when you play your card well because when they decide to love a man they will be willing to give him everything and anything unlike men that you hardly see those who love with all their heart.

7. Don't compare your woman with any other:
Women are very Jealousy and they hate it when you compare then with any other woman, always show her that she is better than any other woman they love it that way.

Finally treat them well and they will return the favor multiple times in so many ways.

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