How to find the most relevant answers when using Google


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How to find the most relevant answers when using Google
Posted on: May 21, 2015, 07:48:27 AM
Google is our friend that helps us find answers to our questions fast but some people still don't know how to use search engines to get the most relevant results to their questions which is why am writing this simple tutorial to help those that are still making when using search engines such as Google or Bong to find an answer to their questions.

How to find the most relevant answers when using Google:

I want to keep this tutorial simple so that you can understand it more better, when you are searching for something on Google try to use only few words that best related to what you are searching for.

Let assume that you want to search for APC which is a political party in Nigeria, don't just type APC because APC might be an abbreviation to another thing but "APC party or APC political party" it will tell search engine (Google) that you are searching for APC political party.

Let us search the word APC and APC party to see which results that will appear for you to understand more.

The image above is the first 4 search results when i searched the word APC on Google using computer and you can see from the results that APC Nigerian political party does not appear on the first or second results.

Sample 2:
Now let us search for APC political party using the Keyword APC Party.

Now looking at the image above you will see that using the word APC party provided us the most relevant result at the first spot and remember that i don't use APC Political party but APC party can still tell Google the Answer that am looking for.

Example 2:
Some times when using google search you need to make it understand that you are looking for an answer in a specific country by adding your country in the keyword.

Now let us search for Lotto Nigerian game, premier lotto or Baba Ijebu lotto and see how to find the most relevant results that will give the Answer you seek.

Don't use the word (Lotto Game) because other countries play lotto too so you should add your country to indicate that you are reffering to Nigerian lotto Game.

Let us search with lotto game and see the results.

Using the Keyword (lotto game) actually shows the results related to lotto but unfortunately this is not what you want because those once if other countries not Nigeria but to get what you want lot try the keyword (Nigerian lotto game) the Nigeria in front will tell Google that you need answers from Nigeria.

Looking at the above image you will see clearly that using the world Nigerian lotto shows more relevant results from Nigeria and if you use the word (Baba Ijebu lotto) you will still see relevant results because Nigerian lotto game is most often refers as Baba Ijebu Lotto game so two of the keywords will give you best answers.

Finally Google gives you answers according to the way you ask your questions and if you want relevant answers then learn how to ask relevant questions.

If you need any help regarding to how to find the most relevant answers when using Google don't hesitate to ask.

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