10 Reasons why you might not Succeed in life


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10 Reasons why you might not Succeed in life
Posted on: May 26, 2015, 11:44:47 PM
Do You want to succeed in life?
The answer will always be yes but the question is, are you walking through the right part that leads to success? I don't know what your answer might be but am here to tell you some few things that might be hindering your success in other for you to take corrections and become who you wanted to be and achieve what you want to achieve in life.

10 Reasons why you might not Succeed in life:

below are the top 10 reasons why you might not Succeed in life and after reading it you might need to make some corrections as you deemed necessary.

#1. Not working Hard:
Hardworking is the secretes of success and if you want to succeed in life then learn how to be committed to what ever that you are doing and don't let anything distract you.

#2. Spending all your time on Social Networks (2go, Facebook, Whatsapp etc):
Am not against you having fun with friends and families on social networks but remember there is time for everything because Hello and Hi, I love you and I hate you on social Network will not lead you to success it will only distract you.

#3. Wasting more of your time talking about successful people:
I don't know the type of business you are doing but for those that are into blogging, stop talking more about Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa both of them started earlier and worked hard to be successful today but you are there dreaming millions without working towards it.

#4. You don't believe in yourself:

You always believe that you can't while you can and will if only you are determined to do it, so learn how to dream it, think about it and go for it without any form of hesitation.

#5. You don't have dream and Vision:

You must understand where you are going before you start any Journey and in this case it's only your dream and vision can take you to your destination.

No one wants to suffer but when you remember where you are heading to you will be forced to work harder without looking back in other to reach to your destination which is Success.

#6. Choosing the wrong career:
One of the strongest task you must overcome is to chose the right career which has never been easy but the solution is to take your time and ask yourself these questions:

>> What can i do?
>> What is that which makes me happy any time that am doing it?
>> What do i know how to do best?
>> Do i have passion for this?
>> What do i want?

The questions above will help you understand your capabilities and probably help you to chose the right career, after asking yourself those questions then its time to follow the road that leads to any destination of your choice.

#7. Following the wrong approach:
For bloggers/webmasters i find it funny that some people who just created 2weeks website wants to be making millions and thousands as soon as possible forgetting the most important thing which is value first.

Keep working hard and become the best in what you know how to do best before thinking of money because nothing Good comes easy.

#8. Not having the right tools for your business:

Don't think of starting online business like owning and managing a website without having a good Computer Laptop and reliable internet connection that can hold power for at least 3-8 hours because you will find it hard working as a blogger or forum administrator without a laptop and reliable internet connection.

#9. Lack of perfect planning:

You must plan perfectly to get a perfect results at the end just like i told you that you must understand and know the right road map that leads to your destination and when you fail to plan well you will miss the road.

#10. Not focused:
You must stay focused and never let anything distract you because lots of distractions will surely come your way but the way you handle it matters.

These tips above will help you know i you are doing the right thing or not