Latest Android Whatsapp tricks and cheats


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Latest Android Whatsapp tricks and cheats
Posted on: May 30, 2015, 08:08:39 AM
Here are the most wanted whatsapp tricks for Android phone that you have been looking for that will make everything easier when using whatsapp on your Android smartphone.

Whatsapp, this most popular app has been a storm in the messaging stream and is
voted as the best messenger app by users so far.

It provides user-friendly interface
which people find it's easy for them to sharepictures, videos, maps, audio or texts to their friends anywhere in the world at free of cost.So, as it's a messaging app,many of you people might have a tendancy to know the trikcs and hakcs of

In this post, I will let you know
some of those tricks that can help you using whatsapp more efficiently. So,without wasting time, lets get started.
Here they are:

WhatsApp Tricks And Tips

1- Hiding "last seen" This "last seen" timestamp might be the major issue that users mostly have with the Whatsapp. However iOS users can hide
this by using advanced settings, but for android users, there hasn't been any such
particular settings. Still, this "last seen" can be hidden by this simple trick.
*.Download this app. Register or Login to view links *.Open it and click on 'Block Last Seen'.Youare done with it. From now on, it disables the "last seen" timestamp.

2- Send conversation history via mail Entire conversation history from WhatsApp
can be sent mail to anyone. Android users,simply click on the 'Menu' option in a
conversation, go to 'More' and select 'Email Conversation', before entering the address
of the recipient. iOS users, go to 'Settings' and select 'Email
chat history'.The whole text conversation,including any pictures, voice or video clips can be sent.

3- Nesting images Now, you can hide your best pics inside others, and have fun sharing them in
WhatsApp. This can be done by installing the following app.
For Android users: Register or Login to view links For iPhone users:Register or Login to view links

4 - Change Whatsapp chat wallpaper Now, you can no more have to stare at
that boring wallpaper.You can change the appearing background in the chat screen.
Go to the 'Wallpaper' option in the chat menu. You can either upload a picture from your Android phone, or can choose the default beautiful backgrounds in the WhatsApp Wallpaper app. This app is automatically downloaded.

5- Use your Whatsapp without using your phone number You can even use your Whatsapp without using your phone number. Surprised right? Let's see how this can be done...
*.After downloading Whatsapp, you may have noticed that a verification message is
sent to the server. Block this message by setting the mobile in flight mode. *.Now, Whatsapp chooses an alternative way for the verification, so choose the
verify through message option and type your email address and click on the 'send',
as soon as that cancel the sending message
option. *.Then all you need to do is message spoofing.
*.After the spoofing, you will receive messages to the spoofed number. So, by
this way you can use your Whatsapp with your spoofed number.

6- Back-up your whatsapp conversations It's good idea to make backups of your whatsapp conversations so that you don't lose them if you encounter some unexpected problems with the app.
To do this, go to the 'Settings' menu, choose 'Chat preferences' then click on the 'Chat history backup' option. No need to backup the conversations daily, WhatsApp
automatically saves a copy of your conversations at 4AM each day.

7- Create shortcut for whatsapp conversation Now-a-days, as everyone is whatsapp addict, it will be good if the conversation with the closest buddy can be made as a shortcut on homescreen.
It saves time of launching the app and picking up the conversation. This can be done simply by selecting 'More' in the chat menu and then select the 'Add conversation shortcut' option. This adds the shortcut of that conversation on homescreen with the name of that contact.

8- Hack your friend's conversation This is a cool trick that allows you to hack
your friends whatsapp conversation.
*.Go to the MicroSD card and then click on the Whatsapp and select Database option.
*.Now you will find following 2 files.
- 1- msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt
2- msgstore.db.crypt *.Now take these files from your friends
phone and then you can read their conversations that they have done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial?
We'll post more so come back in two days time and get mind blowing tutorials for free!

You need to login/register to view links.

9. Send PDF, ZIP, APK files via WhatsApp

As we all know that WhatsApp doesn’t
support to send other files than audio and
video formats. Sometimes you may have to
send some Apk files, ZIP, PDF or files of any
other format. By using this cool trick you
can send files of any type. Download Whats
Packed 2 ads, from this App you can send a
PDF, ZIP or any other files to your whatsApp
contacts. The person who is receiving the
file also have to install this App.

10. Recover deleted
Sometime you may accidentally delete your
WhatsApp conversations, and if you want
to get it back. Then this trick is especially
for you. Generally WhatsApp backups all the
conversations and it will be stored in
phone’s memory.
If you want to restore conversations, just
uninstall the WhatsApp and re-install again.
While re-installing WhatsApp, it will ask you
whether to restore messages history or to
continue without restoring. Now, click on
Restore to get back your deleted

11. Trick to Stop Auto
downloading images and

WhatsApp has a default feature of
automatically downloading all the media
files such as images and videos. Sometimes
this may kill your mobile data and battery
life when you have a very low data balance
on your mobile. So this trick will be helpful
to stop auto download of images or video.
To disable auto download feature, open
WhatsApp go to Settings > Chat settings >
Media auto-download. There you will find
the option as shown in above screen shot,
change the settings as per your need. Here I
stopped to download only video files on
mobile data.

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